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About Black Harley Riders
Phoenix, AZ

Black HThe Black Harley Riders Albumarley Riders is a North American rap group consisting of 3 members J Stone, Slick and Bombay and started in 2008. Black Harley Riders is the name of the soundtrack produced by the group. This albums primary focus is motorcycles and this is the first soundtrack to the bikers life. HMF Entertainment has been handling the groups label.
The Black Harley Riders are bringing the life of a biker to mainstream America, consider their lyrics, creativity and vast styling of the group as the soundtrack to a bikers life. "This album embodies the life and experience of a true biker. It talks of what its like to be a part of an MC and the brotherhood amongst other riders and clubs. HMF Entertainment is the label that discovered the talent. We want to create an album that bikers can play on their bike, that talks about what bikers do and feel."-Paul Franklin, CEO HMF Ent.

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